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Frank Thayer PH.D. circa 2005

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Frank Thayer PH.D. circa 1961

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Made in New Mexico


Frank Thayer is currently a professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University. He is a New Mexico native from Grant County whose three degrees are al from NMSU. He has worked in New Mexico and in Canada as a reporter-photographer, editor, an advertising and public relations writer, as well as being a journalism educator in both countries. He has written three journalism textbooks and many published professional and scholarly articles. His current teaching concentration is in public opinion and propaganda, reporting, news writing, and editing. This website is the host for Sun Cross Publications and features his Education, Entertainment, and Novels. MUST-READ below, a downloadable file containing our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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FrFrank Thayer's Personal WHY?

The Literature of Supernatural Horror and Its Secret Agenda


My life has always been about writing, even though I have had a long career in education, and even had the privilege of working in entertainment at one point. As a professor, I learned from the students in my writing classes as they learned from me, both in the United States and in Canada. As a lifelong devotee of the writers of supernatural horror in general, and H.P. Lovecraft in particular, I still have a box of early typewritten stories stashed in my house. Fortunately, August Derleth, a prolific writer who founded Arkham House Publishers to preserve Lovecraft’s work, took me under his wing and became my mentor. My early stories were strong on plot and light on character, but Derleth anthologized one of my stories in 1966 while I was trying my handwriting stories for minor men’s magazines. Then followed a long career in education when fiction took a back seat to research papers, journal articles, and the writing of three journalism textbooks. Supernatural horror fiction came back to the driver’s seat in 1998 when I joined a fledgling online writers’ group dedicated to the field. Writer’s Cramp became pre-eminent in the genre, and several of my stories became part of that liturgy. They also became the nucleus for expanded versions when I launched my books, the fruits of which are seen on this site. As for the secret agenda? First, life and consciousness are not limited by the brain or the physical body. Poe’s “Ligeia” introduced readers to a woman whose will was stronger than her life. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla is a classic vampire tale that has spawned more than one erotic horror film. Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep,” tells of a rapacious soul that seeks to exchange itself with that of her victim. Second, magic is the art of causing a change in accord with Will. Lovecraft’s Wizard Whately, in “The Dunwich Horror,” calls unnameable beings from another dimension using his rituals and incantations, and most human beings use some form of magic to marshal their goals and to protect them from evil. The third principle holds that the universe is as Einstein put it, “queerer than we can imagine,” and thus we can be faced with the inexplicable at some point in our lives. I invite you to enter this domain of supernatural horror in literature and to explore the books I have published with you in mind. The stories are unique and, some of them will be unforgettable.

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Frank 1961

Frank Thayer PH.D. circa 1961