Tales of supernatural and cosmic horror in the desert Southwest. A story of erotic obsession that goes beyond the grave and another unveiling a vicious lycanthropic cult in the border city of El Paso. A mountain named after Apache Chief Geronimo is home to an invisible horror, and a small town curandera also wields the powers of magic. This book is color illustrated and a pleasure for the eye as well as the mind.


About the Author

Frank Thayer, Ph.D. is a published author whose fiction follows the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft. His Cobston Trilogy: The Ontario Horror exposed a cosmic horror over four generations in a Canadian town, and this work Terror Tales of the Southwest exposes supernatural horrors in the American desert Southwest. Thayer is Professor Emeritus at New Mexico State University, and he has published three journalism textbooks and two non-fiction books about the controversial but proved Aztec flying saucer incident of 1947. He also taught journalism for 11 years in Canada, where he wrote fiction in that unique environment. Thayer is a New Mexico native and his work is a serious contribution to the literature of supernatural horror in his fiction offerings.


Terror Tales of The Southwest

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