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The Supernatural horror genre is difficult and many writers have taken a stab and come away blind. Do you wonder how YOU can improve your writing skill and be entertained along the way?


Terror Tales of the Southwest

by Frank Thayer PH.D.

Frank Thayer PH.D. has been a successful University professor for over 30 years, and only recently retired. He can spin a good yarn and has much practical advice for struggling authors.


Just take a look at Terror Tales of the Southwest:

An abandoned ranch house in the New Mexico foothills nurtures a female presence, spinning a web of erotic compulsion that lures mere mortals to their destruction in a tale of obsession and love that penetrates the barrier between life and death. This is one of a portfolio of supernatural horror stories set in the desert Southwest of New Mexico and West Texas. In another story, the historical reality of hundreds of slain women in Juárez, Mexico, is tracked to a cult devoted to lycanthropy in El Paso, Texas. Other stories find a malevolent spirit hiding inside a mountain where Apache Chief Geronimo once wandered. Steeped in the lore of magic and witchcraft, this anthology Terror Tales of the Southwest follows the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and other classic writers. Enhanced by vivid color illustrations, magical diagrams, maps, and photos, it is a feast for the horror story fan. 

How does somebody write a great story like this?

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Sarah Parkers

A thrilling novel, very suspenseful and scary! He knows how to write and can help show you how to improve your writing

Rachel Cainfield

An excellent yarn! Dr.Thayer taught me so much at his classes at NMSU

Robert Spreechick

Couldn't stop reading! A ghastly tale to the end and pretty good writing tips!

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