Terror Tales of the Southwest


An abandoned ranch house in the New Mexico foothills nurtures a female presence, spinning a web of erotic compulsion that lures mere mortals to their destruction in a tale of obsession and love that penetrates the barrier between life and death. This is one of a portfolio of supernatural horror stories set in the desert Southwest of New Mexico and West Texas. In another story, the historical reality of hundreds of slain women in Juárez, Mexico, is tracked to a cult devoted to lycanthropy in El Paso, Texas. Other stories find a malevolent spirit hiding inside a mountain where Apache Chief Geronimo once wandered. Steeped in the lore of magic and witchcraft, this anthology Terror Tales of the Southwest follows the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and other classic writers. Enhanced by vivid color illustrations, magical diagrams, maps, and photos, it is a feast for the horror story fan. Buy it now with one click from Amazon.com or order it from this website today. Enter the code SUNCROSS when you order an author-signed copy, and you will receive, free, Frank Thayer’s anthology of Canadian horror tales: Cobston Trilogy: The Ontario Horror.

The thing has lurked in the graveyard of an Ontario town since WWI, pulsing, growing, not living, not dead, and suddenly raging through the community, stealing lives and returning to its glutinous lair. Cobston Trilogy: The Ontario Horror traces an Old World horror through three eras in the Canadian town of Cobston, culminating in the confrontation with a cosmic pestilence beyond human understanding. This Sun Cross publication includes the entire Latin Text of the 1679 academic treatise “Masticatione Mortuorum” revealing the reality of the dead who do eat inside their graves. Cobston is available as a bonus with each signed copy of Terror Tales of the Southwest, and also offered separately, and signed by the author for $19.95 U. S. plus postage. Sun Cross publications is dedicated to the tradition of great supernatural horror literature.


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