The Truth About How The Aztec U.F.O Incident Actually Happened

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U.F.Os , Flying Saucers, Aliens From Another World?Many writers and theorists have taken a stab at figuring and writing the Truth and come away blind. Do you wonder how YOU can improve your writing skill and be entertained along the way?

Frank Thayer PH.D. (above) has been a successful University professor for over 30 years, and only recently retired. He can spin a good yarn and has much practical advice for struggling authors.

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Probably the most important flying saucer recovery in history, the Aztec saucer story was successfully suppressed for half a century, despite an early revelation in a famous 1950 book. Authors Scott Ramsey. Suzanne Ramsey, and Frank Thayer went to the witnesses and the sources to reveal the astounding truth. A flying saucer, with 16 bodies, made a soft landing on a mesa outside of Aztec, N.M. and was removed intact by the U.S. military in the spring of 1948. This book essentially proves the reality of Aztec, despite it being branded a hoax in a campaign of suppression and character assassination. The authors’ first book The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon sold out in 2011 and is sought after as a rare book. This second book was published in 2015 by New Page Books, and is out of print after selling thousands of copies. However, the authors have retained a few original copies, and these are signed by all three authors! This is not a Sun Cross Publication, but is a must-have book for anyone seriously interested in the flying saucer phenomenon.

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Sarah Parkers

A intriguing novel, very informative! He knows how to write and can help show you how to improve your writing

Rachel Cainfield

An excellent yarn! Dr.Thayer taught me so much at his classes at NMSU

Robert Spreechick

Couldn't stop reading! A great conspiracy and pretty good writing tips!

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